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Brake Repair

Sawyerwood Brake Repair Service Will Keep Your Vehicle Stopping Safely

How can you tell if the brakes in your vehicle need serviced?

Start your engine. With the vehicle at rest, apply steady pressure to the brake pedal. If it feels spongy, you probably have air in your brake lines.

Does the brake pedal stay firm when you continue applying pressure, or does it seem to sink slowly to the floor? If the pedal sinks, your master cylinder may be defective.

Now, make sure that your parking break is off, and drive around the block stopping every now and again.

How much effort is required to bring your vehicle to a stop?

If you have power breaks the pedal should stop 1 to 1 1/2 inches from the floor. If you do not have power breaks, the pedal should stop more than 3 inches from the floor.

Pump the breaks a couple of times as you drive around.
If pumping the break pedal makes your car stop, you may need to fill your brake fluid or you may need a brake adjustment.

If your vehicle drives too far before coming to a stop, pulls to one side when you brake, or your brake pedal pulsates when you stop in an non-emergency situation, you’re in luck. Sawyerwood’s Auto Service shop specializes in brake repair.

In the event that your brakes fail, you may be in serious trouble. Other kinds of automobile trouble may keep your vehicle from moving, but brake trouble keeps it from stopping.

If your brakes are squeezing or making a grinding noise, do not put it off. Contact Sawyerwood’s ASE-certified professional brake repair technicians if you live in the Akron, Springfield, Lakemore, or surrounding Ohio areas.

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